Windows Updates Fail With Error code 0x80244015

Every now and then I’ll see Error code 0x80244015 when running Windows Updates on a server. The error seems to occur before any available updates can be found. Even though I mostly see error code 0x80244015 on Windows 2008 R2 I assume the easy fix is the same for any other version of Microsoft Windows.

Download and install the free version of CCleaner and then run it to clean up the hard disk. When CCleaner has finished doing its job try running Windows Updates again, it should now work.

If you don’t want to install a 3rd party application on your server then run the ‘Disk Clean-up’ feature within Microsoft Windows.

If you are getting Error code 0x80244015 in a WSUS environment then take a read over this.

Manage Local Administrator Passwords (LAPS)

Having to managed local password across a network can be a pain. Some people find they need to jumping onto each computer to reset the password which can be time very consuming for a lot of sysadmins. There are tools out there that make these things easier but Microsoft have their own tool called LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution).

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