Disable Web Search On Windows 10 Search

One of the pains I have with Windows 10 is a small feature with the Search the web and Windows tool-bar. If you’re like me and browse MS Windows at speed then this is one function you’ll want to disable.

Bing Search in Windows 10When you search for something using the ‘Search the web and Windows’ tool-bar in Windows 10 the option for Bing Search is displayed first.  The annoying thing for me, and others, is that if I type ‘cmd’ in the search bar and hit enter it wont open the Command Prompt, which is what I want, but will open my browser with the Bing web page instead.

Microsoft automatically assumes that I would prefer to search the web than actually use a default application that is included within Windows. In terms of usability  this is a bad experience.

Of course I could always click on Command Prompt after typing my search but when you open cmd so many times on a daily basis this does become frustrating.

A better way to list these results would be to have the Desktop app listed first and then the option for Bing search.

I couldn’t see a way to re-arrange the search results options so I went for the next best thing, disabling the web search function using Group Policy Editor.

How to disable web search in Windows 10 Group Policy.

Search for Group Policy in the search tool to bring up the editor.


Expand Computer Configuration > Administration Templates > Windows Components > Search.



Under the Search folder look for the two settings:

  • Do not allow web search
  • Don’t search the web or display web results in Search

Right click on each policy and select edit, make sure enabled is select and click on apply & ok.

Log off your account and log back in again for changes to take effect.

Now when you search using the ‘Search the web and Windows’ tool-bar your desktop apps will be shown as the first option with Bing search no longer showing.

Web search disabled in Windows Desktop Search Even though I’ve disabled the web search using the Group Policy editor the search results still shows options to search the web, as shown in the screenshot.

Windows 10 has yet to be officially released and this was taken from the technical preview build 10049 so there still a chance this will be fixed or at least changed.