Download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO

If you are working in IT support then its probably time you start looking at Windows 10 to prepare for its official launch. Microsoft have already released a free technical preview that is available in ISO.

I don’t recommend upgrading your own workstation to Windows 10 just yet, not only will you need a full reinstall/restore if you want to downgrade but Microsoft have also been changing the builds of Windows 10 so if you’ve made or make registry tweaks you may need to end up scrubbing the O/S. For now, fire up a VM and deploy Windows 10 using the available ISO that you can download from here.

If you don’t have access to Hyper-V or VMWare to create a virtual machine then try installing VirtualBox on your PC, its free.

I’ve been testing Windows 10 for a couple of weeks so hopefully I’ll get some helpful posts published.