Manage Local Administrator Passwords (LAPS)

Having to managed local password across a network can be a pain. Some people find they need to jumping onto each computer to reset the password which can be time very consuming for a lot of sysadmins. There are tools out there that make these things easier but Microsoft have their own tool called LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution).

How To Remove Superfish From Your Computer

Lenovo is definitely feeling the heat from the on-line backlash regarding shipping Superfish ad-injection software as bloatware adware with their laptops. They’ve now provided instructions on how to remove Superfish from your Lenovo laptop. If you don’t have a Lenovo laptop but fear Superfish might be installed, not to worry links are added for non-Lenovo users as […]

Lenovo Goes Untrusted By Shipping Laptops With Superfish

If you buy a new computer with Microsoft Windows pre-installed then the chances are is that it comes with bloatware installed. This is nothing new and these days not only is it expected but is accepted by many. Recently Laptop manufacture Lenovo has jumped into the tech headlines by taking their bloatware a step further […]