Mozilla FireFox Now Blocks Adobe Flash

Mozilla has decided to block all versions of Adobe Flash in FireFox to protect users from vulnerabilities found in Flash. It’s likely you have the Flash plugin installed on your browsers or if you work in IT you probably already know how risky it can be having an out dated version of Flash installed.

Firefox has prevent the unsafe plugin “Adobe Flash” from running

When you browse to a website that requires Flash this is the error FireFox will throw up. You’ll have the choice to continue blocking or to allow.

Vulnerabilities in Flash are not just restricted to Microsoft Windows, they’re also found in Mac’s and Linux platforms. Adobe Security Advisory APSA15-04 for CVE-2015-5122 and CVE-2015-5123 is a perfect example of this and why Flash needs to go.

Why even bother using Adobe Flash?

Everyone doesn’t require Adobe Flash and its safe to remove from your computer but in the business environment its unavoidable and is required for various websites and applications, VMWare vCloud Director is a perfect example of such a requirement.

Adobe do seem to push out a lot of updates but this presents another problem rather than a solution, users see this is an inconvenience and don’t even bother with the updates. Ninite is the perfect solution to overcome such a problem though.

You can see the list of  all Add-on’s that Mozilla FireFox now blocks on this page.